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AtosD offers a solution for automation in windows and doors with an integrated shutter. We work with Somfy engines and engines imported from China at a reduced cost.  


05 years warranty, technical support is located in São Paulo and the import is direct. 

Your manual roll-up window can be automated!

Roller shutters are here to stay and are in new constructions and we can say yes they are on the rise, we at AtosD know this and are always looking to offer new concept of high standard windows, with great comfort, you can open and close it with a touch. 
The motors are silent and built into the interior of the box, being fully integrated in the window, it has a thermal protection system, if the external blinds are activated for a long time, the motor switches off automatically. 


Parcele no Cartão

10x s/juros

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Super Desconto

8% OFF no Pix

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